Career Transition Plan

Everyone who experiences a need to make a job or career change requires and is greatly assisted by a career transition plan. This is because getting a job is actually a full time job, if we do it right, and it takes some organization, an action plan and record keeping to keep us on track and accountable. At, we provide for and teach a career transition plan that encompasses all the necessary facets to allow for successful transitions.

With a twenty year history in the business, our design for the process is comprehensive and practical, utilizing the conveniences afforded by online capabilities.  The end result is that with, we have delivered an effective step by step process for individuals to successfully land their next most suitable position.

The assumption is that if we find ourselves in “transition,” then it is because we have either made a choice or have been forced to leave our current job.  Either way, the goal is now to pursue work in which we might have the greatest opportunity for success and happiness.

¬†For those who experience an involuntary job loss,¬†it may be that there is¬†some added advantage of a severance package to allow for the time to reflect, ensuring a more comfortable space in which we can pursue meaningful and work that suits us best—sometimes for the very first time in one’s life.¬†¬†Our career transition plan program and process presents a perfect opportunity to look into one’s desires and motivations first, in order to¬†develop¬† an action plan to¬†take the individual in the direction of¬†where they¬†want–“need”–to go, to honor and satisfy their unique preferences.

Here are the essential elements of our Career Transition Plan:

  • We address the change process in¬†acknowledging that there is stress in any life change event.
  • The next most critical matter is to assess the individual‚Äôs personality and career profile in identifying their motivational needs, in other words, what is motivating to them individually and what that means in designing the “right” career path to satisfy those needs.
  • After the¬†first two aspects are dealt with and digested, we are ready to engage in the remainder of the career transition plan, including resume writing, networking, interviewing and negotiating a job offer.
  • We¬†address the communication details of cover letters and phone/web interviews that occur throughout the process, since most of us require assistance with proper and succinct communications in grabbing attention, making an impression¬†and¬†being effective.

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  1. Annette Cutter
    7 years ago

    I just graduated from college, I’m 23, and I strategy on joining the military in hopes of acquiring the essential capabilities and knowledge to create a affluent legislation enforcement career. I heard the Coast Guard or the Navy are my very best bets. Supposedly Coast Guard members have the easiest time generating a lateral (transition) into a federal task right after their support is up. But the Navy has a broader variety of fields and abilities to offer than the Coast Guard. Any suggestions?

  2. Sonia Gourley
    7 years ago

    I have been writing web content the two as a freelancer and full time writer for the prior 2 and a fifty percent years. But I want to see myself expanding as a expert in some innovative sphere, preferably in advertising. How ought to I program this transition?

  3. Joanne Mefford
    7 years ago

    Nicely i am in high college and instead than likely to school i prepare on heading to the air force to learn a trade and to then use the trade or task realized in the air power in the civilian environment as my career. I also have a query how a lot of university does the air power in fact shell out of soon after you have completed your agreement of 4.5 many years what rewards would i have right after the air force?

  4. Melisa Klenke
    7 years ago

    I’ve been functioning at a enterprise research think-tank for numerous many years and have been desperate to changeover into a private sector position. Ideally, I’d like to be in technique consulting or an in-house strategy/planning or company affairs/policy role. Unfortunately, the only offer you I’m expecting in the close to future is as an R&D manager with an organization improvement consultancy. This is a boutique company and most of their engagements are with one particular main corporate client. The income is appealing, the situation would seem demanding and the men and women at the firm are great. Unfortunately, I do not see myself in an HR consulting discipline for the relaxation of my career.

    Is it really worth pursuing this as a transitional phase for the connections and private sector experience, or am I heading to finish up pigeon-holed in this field?

  5. Noemi Madero
    7 years ago

    Who May Apply: (Click on Who Could Apply)
    All Federal workers serving on a job or career-conditional appointment.
    Applicants eligible below Veterans Employment Possibilities Act of 1998 (VEOA)
    Veterans’ Recruitment Authority (VRA).
    Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) eligibles.

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