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Why Get The Right Career?

We have named the site appropriately. And we serve four distinct groups: those individuals experiencing an involuntary job loss, those who have made a decision to be proactive and pursue a career or job that better suits their needs and passions, young adults who may have recently entered the job market but question their path and professionals re-entering the job market after a leave. All four are in transition, whether forced into it (often re-framed as a “blessing” at a later date), desiring to make a change or coming to a realization of wanting to do meaningful work and knowing that it is possible. All want to “GetTheRightCareer” for their unique personality and interests, to pursue work that suits them best, their needs and passions.

At GetTheRightCareer, we believe that everyone deserves to experience happiness and success on the job. The only way to do that is to work at something we love, at least like a great deal, to do work that means something to us personally. Unfortunately since most of us were either improperly guided or not guided at all, we are working at jobs wherein we are less than happy and satisfied. In fact, some of us may not even be consciously aware of what our own passions are. That kind of awareness may have been buried underneath a mountain of “shoulds” and peer influence and well-intentioned parents steering us into places for which we have little to no heart connection. With more than 20 years experience assisting others with making optimal life choices that honor their interests and motivational needs, we are confident that we can help people achieve that for themselves.

Can You Relate To Any Of These Situations?

Case Study #1

After more than 15 years at the bank, progressing from customer greeter to teller and eventually finding success as a corporate loan officer, Sandra is retired early‚ after her department is consolidated at the head office. Unfortunately, while her severance package contains a few industry-standard months of income, there‚ no Outplacement Package included. Now Sandra must figure out how to re-enter a job market that she hasn’t had to deal with in decades.

Case Study #2

Retail store management made sense to Jeff for most of his professional career, since customer service and inventory control were always his strong points. But even though retail was all he knew since graduating from college 8 years ago, he can escape the feeling that his current position is a dead-end job for him. Jeff knows it is time for a career change, but just needs to know the best ways to research and discover his best fit career options

Case Study #3

Jan took more than a decade away from full-time work to raise her young family and make sure her children got a good start in life. Now that the children have both started high school, she remembers the challenges, triumphs and camaraderie of her former career and she is looking forward to re-entering the workforce. There is just one problem‚ how can Jan make up for the huge gap in her resume, and figure out what she is qualified for in today’s workforce?

Case Study #4

After spending a few extra years switching majors at school to avoid confronting a shaky job market, Perry’s graduation feels like his greatest accomplishment and his most daunting uncertainty. He watched his former classmates sending out hundreds of resumes without a single call-back, or toil in high-stress, low-level jobs outside of their chosen field. How can he translate academic accomplishments into usable, practical real-life skills that employers will find worthwhile‚ so he can start making a dent in all those outstanding student loans?

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